Proof Miners Business Network 

FileProof leverages its peer-to-peer file validation protocol powered by blockchain technology

Independent Ecosystem governance ✦ non profit organization

Coding & technical ops layer:

(stands for develops and maintains the common token and software platforms required by the FileProof network business use cases

Business product layer:

Enabling decentralized proof within any chat, emails office document, social post context

Business services layer:
Securing professional credentials in the job market
Credentials are of all types from background certificate (such as diploma) to less conventional / official such as work certificate, medical ability, proof of public speech or publication, etc

Other Business Cases

Business services layer (other opportunities):

  • Blockchain identity & secure documents
  • Ticketing authentication
  • Label of origin (FMCG)

FileProof Network Structure

FileProof is a genuine network ecosystem including a consistent token strategy, transparent monetary Governance, and interactive cooperation.

FileProof Network

The FileProof Network: 3 Key Pillars


Token and Ventures managed independently.

The FileProof network offers a model suited to protect both equity and token holders disseminated interests

  • Token holders and business cases shareholders represented in FileProof Board

Tokenomics / Convergence

Convergence: Single Token + common technical Protocol

FileProof develops a consolidated token strategy leveraging a common decentralized proof technology applied to multiple business sectors

  • Long term token ecosystem strategies and regulation of the network tokenomics
  • Implementation and promotion of a new operating / revenue sharing paradigm
  • Native interoperability


Network dynamics and agility

FileProof network is a building block structured with a clear objective to streamline operational costs. Seamless growth and business focus centric.

  • Operational synergies between business cases
  • Strategic partnerships at network level
  • Scalable infrastructure

The FileProof Protocol

FileProof protocol is suited to implement into any industry decentralized proof solutions. Native incentive flows are by design embedded into the protocol basic operators.

Fileproof protocol

FileProof Business Cases



SEED funding

Step 2 Foundation

Step 3 setup

alpha launch

Step 5

FileProof pre-sale / ICO

Step 4 and (MVP, Trials)


Ray Chow-Toun


Ray managed large-scale international IT projects for two decades in computer manufacturing, aviation and Swiss banks.

Pioneer entrepreneur, Ray started in Switzerland the first Internet application services provider in 1999. He patented from 2004 in Europe, China and USA a one-click method for triggering mobile apps. Ray is the FileProof protocol creator and an active Swiss Crypto Valley member.

Frederic Verin


Entrepreneurial CFO with 10+ years experience in business set-up/acquisition and expansion in MNC’s and in start-ups (Healthcare, Bio-pharma, e-Business). Frederic successfully scaled up an E-commerce start-up in South East Asia over the past two years as head of finance and of organization.

Purpose driven, Frederic’s expertise encompasses strategic planning and execution, business process re-engineering and risk management.

Founding Advisors

Rene Lauk

Legal Advisor (Estonia)

Rene is CEO of law firm Oblicity which is spatialized on ICOs and blockchain.

Rene specializes in business law and international trade law. Before joining Oblicity and concentrating on legal side of blockchain he worked as a legal counselor for the Estonian government. Rene also teaches law at the Tallinn University of Technology.

Bernard Sulliger

Advisor (Switzerland)

Bernard Sulliger founded several companies in IT Services, Consulting, Digital transformation. His also acted as managing director of three large IT groups in Switzerland.

Bernard is currently running a cybersecurity software company specialized in strong authentication solutions with a large-scale international growth. He also acts as coach, business consultant and board member of Swiss, French and Belgium companies and start-ups

Claudio Ramirez

Advisor (Australia)

Claudio is an Entrepreneur, Blockchain/AI/IoT/VR/AR Advocate and Aeronautical Engineer. He has earned an MBA, MEng. & MEM and more recently has been working as Blockchain Strategy Advisor for different ICOs around the world.

With over 16 years experience aeronautical engineering and business. He has started 3 business both in Venezuela and Australia. Claudio has experience in Financial Markets and is also Crypto-currency/assets Investor.

Dr Walter Tonetto

Advisor (Indonesia)

VP ASEAN for Digital Town, Dr Tonetto was Visiting Professor at The University of Tokyo and Waseda University. Recently Senior Research Fellow in The School of Commerce at The University of South Australia, he founded several tech companies in Indonesia.

He is co-founder of the CryptoCurrency Exchange CpayToday ( Advisor to various tech startups and ICOs and an international keynote speaker on Blockchain, Dr Tonetto is a passionate believer in decentralization.

Alvaro Fernandez

Advisor (Shanghai)

Alvaro (Applied Economics, B.A.) is an investment analyst for ChainFunder, a Shanghai-based investment fund focused on blockchain technology.

Blockchain & FinTech enthusiast, Alvaro is Strategic Advisor and Token-Economy specialist to various projects, such as and He is Co-lead & COO at Fudan Blockchain Association, one of the leading blockchain associations in China, and public speaker on blockchain events. Firm believer in decentralized governance & DAOs.

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